Journal Of Roman Archaeology, Volume 11 (1998)

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v11_01_Faustoferri_thumb                     v11_02_Gleason_thumb                     v11_03_Bernard_thumb                   v11_04_George_thumb                v11_05_van_der_Veen_thumb                 v11_06_Welch_thumb    

 Monte Pallano: a Samnite fortified centre
A. Faustoferri & J. Lloyd

The promontory palace at Caesarea Maritima: Herod’s praetorium
K. L. Gleason et al.

L’épave romaine de marbre de Porto Novo
H. Bernard,
J.-Cl. Bessac, et al.

Elements of the peristyle in
Campanian atria
M. George

A life of luxury in the desert? The food and fodder supply to Mons Claudianus
M. van der Veen

Greek stadia and Roman spectacles: Asia, Athens, and
the tomb of
Herodes Atticus
K. Welch 

v11_07_Lancaster_thumb                  v11_08_Van_Voorhis_thumb                    v11_09_Arthur_thumb                  v11_10_Ammerman_thumb                v11_11_Flower_thumb                  v11_12_Principal-Ponce_thumb
Reconstructing the restorations of the Colosseum after
the fire of 217
L. C. Lancaster
 Apprentices’ pieces and the training of sculptors at Aphrodisias 
J. A. Van Voorhis
The N Sinai survey and the evidence of transport amphorae
P. Arthur, E. Oren

Environmental archaeology in the Velabrum, Rome
A. J. Ammerman
The significance of
an inscribed breastplate captured
at Falerii in 241 B.C.
H. Flower 
Tarraco, las cerámicas del Grupo Hercúleo y el comercio romano-itálico
J. Principal-Ponce

v11_13_Pina-Polo_thumb                    v11_14_Hunt_thumb                   v11_15_Pollini_thumb                   v11_16_Scheidel_thumb                  v11_17_Jones_thumb                 v11_18_Bussiere_thumb          
El oppidum Castra
Aelia y las campańas de Sertorius 
F. Pina Polo &
J. Pérez Casas
Summus Poeninus
on the Grand
St Bernard Pass
P. Hunt
Parian lychnites and
the Prima Porta statue: new scientific tests
J. Pollini, N. Herz et al.
The meaning of dates on mummy labels: seasonal mortality and mortuary practice
W. Scheidel
The pancratiasts Helix and Alexander on an Ostian mosaic
C. P. Jones
J. Bussičre

             v11_19_Stone_thumb              v11_20_Ribera-Lacomba_thumb                                                          v11_21_Heintz_thumb                  v11_22_Esmonde_Cleary_thumb                 v11_23_Mackensen_thumb                           
Suburban land-use and ceramic production around Leptiminus:
interim report
D. L. Stone,
L. M. Stirling &
N. Ben Lazreg
The discovery of a monumental circus at Valentia
A. Ribera i Lacomba
Le couronnement du rampart de Saint-Lézer
C. Darles, A. Badie, J.-J. Malmary
Circus curses and their archaeological contexts
F. Heintz
The late Roman defences at Saint-Bertrand-
S. Esmonde Cleary,
M. Jones &
J. Wood
New evidence for Central Tunisian red slip ware with stamped decoration
M. Mackensen

v11_24_Stevens_thumb                 v11_25_Cameron_thumb

The Early Christian pilgrimage complex at Bir Ftouha, Carthage: interim report  
S. Stevens,
A. Kalinowski,
H. vanderLeest   
Consular diptychs in their social context: new eastern evidence
Alan Cameron
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